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Take Your Vehicle to The Next Level


Driving Lamps, Running Lights, Flood Lights, Rock Lights, and Compact LEDs are only a few examples of the installations performed by Wired By Greg each week. We are more than happy to entertain any specialized lighting requests. Your vision is our goal.
View some of our recent lighting work by clicking HERE.

Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with Ditch Lights and M Rack Lights and Toyota 4Runner.
Wiredbygreg crimping wires for a new electrical install in a Toyota 4Runner.


Whatever your vehicle's wiring needs - Basic connections, Twisting and Taping, Westinghouse Splits, Crimping - each is done expertly to provide quality and reliability that will ensure the electrical integrity of your vehicle.

"Wire" you waiting to call? Contact us now!


Designing each unique project from scratch sets us apart from our competitors. We customize different lighting and electrical components to meet each customer's performance expectations. Our team has created hundreds of customized panels, brackets, and mounts for every vehicle utilizing MIG welding, grinding, sheering and bending tools that create clean custom fabrications.

Wiredbygreg welding mounts for new automotive lighting.
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